My story begins in 2009 when my parents moved to a small village, where we now have a small farm with couple of sheep, two horses, chickens and goats, cats and dogs. This is also the year that I became a mom.
In 2013 I gave birth to my second boy and because of him I now as an artist exist.
I made my first baby boots from sheep skin for him. And so I started to make some for my friends.

Then a year went by and a winter that we still remember came.
Because of the ice on the trees all the trees were broken and fallen and we were without electricity for days – some even for a month or two. In the spring me and my family joined my parents on that little farm, where we now live seperate in our own hayrack house.

In the summer of 2015 Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka made a contest in which I won the first price in the category for the earrings I made. These were the first earrings that I made from wood and resin and they represent the scenery of all those 17 lakes.
From then on everything changed.. my father taught me how to use all the machines in the garage, all the trees that fell we started to gave them a second life in a new form.

In the fall of 2016 I made a pendant which was chosen- and two others- as a souvenir of the county Logatec in which I also live.
I love animals and nature, I love colors and all this tranlates into my work.
All my stuff are handmade, every finger, every paw, every tree is drilled and carved or cut out by hand. In the nature you can’t find two things that are the same so I don’t do them that way either. I use only natural oils and waxes.
Now I live and support my familiy with my passion and I hope you will like my stuff as much as I love making them and that my pieces will make you happy to wear it.